Font Icons

Font icons are icons that are a font instead of an image so they can be scaled and customized using CSS. These tools are built directly into the themes.

Adding a font icon


1. To add a font icon, choose from the list here and copy the icon name. E.g fa-compass
2. Choose your icon size.
3. Select icon color
4. Enable a background color
5. Alignment
6. CSS Animation

Font icons via shortcode


To add a font icon via a shortcode please follow these steps:

1. Click the themeva icon
2. Choose Font Icon
3. Alter the shortcode to suit your needs

Take out and add in the parts of the shortcode that you need. This is what the demo shortcode will look like.

[icon name="fa-compass" iconsize="small medium large x-large" iconcolor="" background="true" backgroundcolor="" ]

Here is an example of the shortcode cut down to size with a black background, white icon, medium size and a compass icon.
[icon name="fa-compass" iconsize="medium" iconcolor="#FFFFFF" background="true" backgroundcolor="#333333" ]