Create, Set, Edit Skins

Skin Customizer Screencast

Warning! Due to the WordPress customizer having a compatibility issue with Tabs and Accordion, do not try to customize a page with either of these present.

To customize or create a new skin, goto AppearanceThemesCustomizeSelect Skin Edit the Skin you want or create a new one.


How to customize a specific page:


Login to WordPress, visit the page you wish to customize on the front end ( not within the admin ) → hover over the Site Name in admin menu ( top left ) → click customize.


Edit / Create Skin Preset

Select the Skin to Edit option to edit an existing Skin. Once selected the Skin automatically loads into the settings.

To create a new Skin, select the New button. You must enter a unique ID into the New Skin ID field.

Set Default Skin

This option allows you to set a default skin pre-set for the entire site. This option can be overriden within Post / Pages → Page / Post Skin Tab.

Duplicate Skin

To duplicate a skin, select the skin you wish to duplicate from the Select Skin to Edit select menu, once loaded click the Duplicate button → Enter a unique ID into the New Skin ID → click the Save button.