Click on the ‘Select Background Type’ drop down box and the user will see six different customisation tools to choose from



- User can pick a background color from color picker tool.

Image (Fullscreen)

- Makes an image display in fullscreen on the background.

- When the browser window changes size, the image will keep in proportion.

- Be cautious – Too high resolution images = the image will be slow loading. Too low resolution = image to pixelate.

- Recommended image width is between 1200-2000px.

- User can also use a image URL if they do not have an image uploaded previous.

- The user can also add a color to the background. This color will show behind the background. Including changing the opacity.

- User can also use Page / Post Featured Image.

Image Positioned

- User can choose or upload an image and set the opacity, background color. This option also adds positioning and repeat. It’s a great option for setting a pattern as a background.

- Images can be set to be positioned in a particular place in the background.

- Images can also be repeated across the background.

Video / Flash

- A video clip or flash file can run in the background of the page.

- User can set the video type from the drop down box. This could be YouTube to jwplayer.

- Video URL can also be added if a file has not previously been uploaded.

- Video Loop – Yes makes the video loop and no makes the video play once.