Add Gallery ( Pages )

Note: When using the Fullscreen Slider, content will not be shown on the page.

Gallery Types


Choose from the following Galleries;

  • Stage Gallery
  • Group Slider
  • Grid Gallery
  • Carousel
  • Fullscreen Gallery

Selecting a gallery will present options that relate to that particular Gallery type.

Gallery Data Source

See Gallery Data Sources for more information on each type of data source available ( Slide Sets are the recommended option ).

Image Effects

Each gallery can be customised by adding Image effects to each image displayed. Add a shadow + reflection, reflection, drop shadow, frame or black & white or no effect.

Slide Content

Each gallery can be customised by choosing what content you want to be displayed. Show Title + Image, Title on Hover + Image or Image.

Enable Lightbox

Depending on the gallery requirements, Lightbox can be enabled – this display the full size image within a lightbox or if a video is defined in the media url for that slide / post it will display the video in the lightbox. Alternatively the image can link to a specific URL.

Common Options

CSS Classes within a gallery

This feature takes your custom skin and applies it to your specified gallery. Create custom styles using the additional style option within the Skin Manager and copy the style name into the CSS Classes box.

Image Width

It’s good practice to enter a width value, the height can be automatically set from this value.

Image Height

If you wish to crop an image, set both a width and height, the image will not disort.

Gallery / Row Height

This option defines the Gallery height or if the Grid Gallery option is select, it acts as a height for the individual row.

Slide Timeout

Timeout to the next slide. Applies to Stage, 3d, Accordion, GroupSilder, iSlider and Nivo galleries. Default is 10.

Gallery Content

This option allows you to choose what to display in those galleries. A choice of Text Image, Title Image, Title Overlay Image, Title & Text Overlay Image, Image Only, Text Only. Title Overlay Image and Title & Text Overlay Image reveal the Title/ Description Text when the image is hovered over.

Stage Gallery Navigation

Control your gallery slides with an optional navigation. The user can add Bullet Nav + Left/Right Nav, Bullet Nav or disable all Nav.

Excerpt Word Limit

Limit the amount of words you want the gallery to display. Default is 55 words.

Limit Number of Posts to Display

Limit the number of posts retrieved from the database. This option also works with Attached Media

Sort By and Order By

Control how the posts are retrieved from the database. This option also works with Attached Media

Group Slider & Grid Gallery Options

Grid / Group Slider Columns

Enter the number of columns you want to display on a single row.

Grid Gallery Show Posts

For use with Posts only, paginate how many posts to display on a page. 6 is default.

Grid Gallery Category Filter

Enable for animated category filtering. Select more than one Post category or create Gallery Slide Set filter tags ( See Slide Set Manager screencast ). Pagination will be disabled. Ideal for a portfolio.

If a category is clicked, the gallery is animated to filter only the Images within that category.

Group Slider Image Alignment

Alignment of the Group Slider – Choose from either Centre, Left or Right.

Group Slider Layout Format

Layout Format for the Group Slider – Choose from either Horizontal or Vertical.

Stage Gallery Options

Slide Transition

The animation transition in which the images will change from one to the next.


The process of generating intermediate frames between two images. It’s recommended to try one or two to see the effect.