Setup a Revolution Slider

Add a Revolution Slider to a Page

The screencast above demonstrates how to:

  1. Create Slides
  2. Add Text, Image and Video elements
  3. Set CSS styles
  4. Import demo content and CSS
  5. Assign a Revolution Slider to a page.


Updating Revolution Slider

To import the demo content you will need to update Revolution Slider.

1. Download the latest version of DynamiX from ThemeForest
2. Navigate to Revolution Slider
3. Click the update button
4. Upload the file located DynamiX/plugins/
5. Revolution slider should now be updated and ready to import the demo data.

Revolution Slider ( home demo content )


You can download the Slides and Settings from the link below.

To import the demo slider, download the file below.
1. Go to Revolution slider within your WP admin, click the green ‘Import Slider’ button
2. Choose the .zip file previously downloaded
3. Import Slider
4. You should now see the slider appear



Woman spinning in Sunlight video

Updating Revolution Slider

You can update to the latest version available of Revolution Slider by following these instructions.

Download the latest version of the theme from ThemeForest.
Go to Revolution Slider admin page > Hit the green update button > Click Upload the zip file > Locate the Zip files is found in ThemeName/plugins/