Portfolio Posts

How to use the Portfolio Posts.

Portfolio posts will create a /portfolio directory for these posts only. They keep things separate from normal posts and pages.

Add a Portfolio Post


Goto Portfolio → Add New

Portfolio Post


As with normal Posts / Pages, add a title and then content if required.

Individual vs Attached Media

You can use Portfolio Post types in two ways.

Each Portfolio Post can act as an individual gallery slide e.g. an image. See below for more information.

You can control each slide specifically with timeout options for Stage, embed Vimeo/YouTube videos etc.
Slow method if you require to add a vast amount of images.

Each Portfolio Post can act as a host to many images/media by attaching the media to that Portfolio Post Category. See Attached Media for more information.

A very fast method of adding a vast amount of images/media to a Gallery.
Limited control of individual slides e.g. Only Title and Description can be modified via WordPress → Media.

Individual – Image


Set an image using the Set Featured Image option.

Individual – Video


To add a video – enter the URL of your video. This can be a YouTue,Vimeo or locally hosted video ( locally hosted requires JW Player setup).

Select the Embed Video Type and a Gallery Slide Timeout (set to the length of the video plus add a couple of seconds for buffering).

Additional Options


Fine tune your slide by selecting from the Additional Settings panel and individual Gallery options.

Add to Portfolio Category


As with normal Posts, create and add the Portfolio Post to a category and publish the post.