Page / Post Config

To configure the Page / Post layout, goto the Page / Post → Scroll Down to Page Config tab.

Alternative Page Title


As the diagram above suggests, enter an alternative Title or enter the text BLANK to override / disable the page title completely.

Sub Title

Enter a page Sub Title if required, this will appear directly underneath the main Page Title.

Wide Site Layout

You can now choose between a wide site layout and a normal width of page. Choosing this option will make the page you are editing, full width. This can also be set globally via Appearance → Theme Options → General → Wide Site Layout.

Page Layout

You can the global page layout via Appearance → Theme Options → General → Page Layout, you can also set the layout on a Page by Page basis using this option.

Column Sidebars

Depending on the page layout you select, choose a Sidebar that corresponds to the column. You can add sidebars via Appearance → Theme Options → General

Collapse Menu

This option allows you to display an icon to enable / disable the menu on that particular page. This will give you the same effect as the Fullscreen slider where the menu collapses, but with normal content instead of a gallery.

Branding / Menu Alignment

Control the alignment of the Branding and Menu for this page only.

Disable Breadcrumbs

Disable the breadcrumbs from displaying on this page only.

Disable Main Content

This option allows you to hide the page content, this is ideal if you wish to just display a Gallery on the page without any other text/content.

Disable Main Frame Background

Use this to disable the main frame which surrounds the page content. Ideal if you wish to format the page differently – You can use the Visual Composer → Styled Boxes → General to add the same border type around selected content.

Disable Footer

Select this option to disable the Footer on this page only.


Breadcrumbs can be globally enabled via Appearance → Theme Options → General and disable on a page by page basis using the disable breadcrumbs option

Publish Author Name / Date

Selecting these options will display the Publish Date and Author Name on the page.

Text Resizer

Enable the text resizer on an individual page by switching this option to on.