Language Translation

Codestyling Localization

This Theme is translation ready, included with the theme is the required files for the translating the theme into any language. It’s recommended that you use the codestyling localization plugin to help translate the theme.

See the plugin website for information on how to use it:

The .mo / .po files are located in the theme/languages/ folder.

Migrating Language Files

If you have translated a previous version of the Theme and you wish to migrate the old translations into the new version of the theme, follow the guide below:

  1. Locate the following folder on your server: /wp-content/theme/languages/
  2. Copy both .mo and .po files e.g. , de_DE.po
  3. Upload them to your server within the new theme version language directory e.g. /wp-content/theme/languages
  4. Ensure you have the codestyling localization plugin enabled
  5. Goto the WP Admin → Tools → Localization → Themes → Locate Language → Rescan → Scan Now
  6. Once the scan is complete, close the dialog box and click Edit, your translations should be present on the new version of the Theme.