JW Player Configuration

WordPress JW Player Plugin

To use JW Player with the theme, install the JW Player WordPress plugin.

  1. Goto WordPress adminPlugins Add New
  2. Search for JW Player
  3. Click ‘Install Now’ on ‘JW Player for WordPress – Flash & HTML5 Video Player
  4. Now upload and your video URL’s to either:
  5. Slide Sets ManagerMediaMedia URL or
  6. PostsGallery / Media tab → Media URL and choose the JW Player Embed Media option


Tersus 1.x > 2.0 / DynamiX 2.x

Warning! Tersus 1.x to 2.0 is not compatible with JW Player 6.x, use the following download to allow these versions to work with JW Player.

To play most Video / Audio formats with this Theme it’s recommended to use the JW Player embed option.

JW Player can be embedded into the Grid, Stage, iSlider, Accordion, Group Slider Galleries and the Video Shortcode.


Download: http://help.northvantage.co.uk/tmp/mediaplayer-5.10.zip


Within the downloaded zip you will find the following required files:

jwplayer.js and player.swf

This screencast covers how to setup JW Player with the Theme and how to insert a video into the Stage Gallery.


Upload jwplayer.js and player.swf files

  1. Login to WordPress → Goto AppearanceTheme OptionsGeneral → Scroll to JW Player Configuration.
  2. Click the Media Library Button → Locate the downloaded JW Player files on your computuer and Upload jwplayer.js and player.swf only → Once uploaded COPY the URL of both files into the relevant Fields. e.g.

JW Player Javascript URL would contain something like: PATH-TO-YOUR-FILE/jwplayer.js
JW Player Flash URL would contain something like: PATH-TO-YOUR-FILE/player.swf


JW Player Video Lightbox

Note: Currently this is not possible with JW Player 6.0.


To play JW Player within lightboxes specify the path of your JW Player flash file (See above for uploading the flash file)

e.g. /wp-content/uploads/2011/03/player.swf

Then add the video path using the file variable.

e.g. ?ffile=/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/InsideJob-Sample.mp4

So the full path looks similar to the following. (note! this is just an example – you’ll need to modify to represent the paths to your own files).


Check the autoplay check option within Posts / Gallery Media Posts -> Embed Media / Timeout Options.