DynamiX 3.x Overview

The following screencast gives an overview of the new features in 3.0 and some of the differences from DynamiX 2.x.x

DynamiX 3.x Overview Screencast

Upgrading from earlier versions of DynamiX

Please note the following points when upgrading from earlier versions.

  1. View the above screencast to see where previous options / admin pages are located.
  2. General: The DynamiX framework has been completely re-written, great effort was put into making the transition go as smooth as possible, however you may need to make a few tweaks across your site.
  3. Custom CSS: Because this is a complete re-write, some custom CSS will need to be re-done, this is because switching to a responsive framework, elements needed to be changed and some removed.
  4. Custom Skins: Any custom skins ( apart from custom + ) will need to be re-done using the Skin Customzier.
  5. Timthumb: Timthumb has been removed, this means you may have to size some of your images in the admin options / galleries etc.

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