Child Theme

Child Theme

A child theme is designed to allow you to makes changes to the CSS and Functions without affecting the core files, making it easy to modify and still upgrade easily.

Upload the DynamiX-Child folder to the same directory as the DynamiX folder i.e.

Once uploaded, goto your WP Admin → Appearance → Themes and activate the DynamiX Child theme.

Please Note: You still need to have the core /DynamiX theme installed on your server.

From here you can modify the DynamiX-Child/style.css via FTP or via WP Admin → Appearance → Editor.

For example, If you wish to change overall font size of the Theme the following CSS would be added to the DynamiX-Child/style.css file.

body {
font-size: 0.85;

It’s recommend that you have a copy of the core DynamiX/style.css to view when wanting to change attributes. Whatever is defined in the DynamiX/style.css needs to be re-defined the same way in the DynamiX-Child/style.css file.

e.g. The following is for the header logo description position, found in the core DynamiX/style.css.

#header-logo .description {    position:absolute;margin-top:33px;}

To modify the margin-top value you would add the following in the DynamiX-Child/style.css

#header-logo .description {    margin-top:40px;}

If the change does not apply, the !important rule maybe needed. e.g.

#header-logo .description {    margin-top:40px !important;}

Custom Style Sheet

If you are using a custom stylesheet you want to load in, do the following.

For example, if you have created a custom skin (using the custom.css stylesheet) – copy your DynamiX/stylesheets/ folder contents to the DynamiX-Child/stylesheets/ folder contents (overwrite any existing files). And place the following code in the DynamiX-Child/functions.php file.


* DynamiX Child Theme Functions
* Load languages directory for translation

add_action(‘wp_print_styles’, ‘dyn_childstyles’);

function dyn_childstyles() {
    $childstyledir = get_bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’);
    wp_register_style(‘custom-style’, $childstyledir.’/stylesheets/custom.css’);
    wp_enqueue_style( ‘custom-style’);

Updating Core Plugins

If you are using a Child theme and need to update one of the plugins that is included with DynamiX, you must switch back to the core theme to update.

Go to Appearance → Themes → Switch to the core DynamiX theme → Update the plugins → Switch back to your Child theme.