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Google + Cufon Font Settings

Font Type

Visit AppearanceTheme Options GeneralTypography and choose between Cufon, Google or Normal Fonts. By default Google fonts are used, the selected font type will display a pre-selected list of fonts within the CustomizerFont Settings.


Custom Cufon Font

Add a custom Cufon font by downloading a Cufon javascript file from example cufonfonts.com - the file can be uploaded via the Media Library - copy and paste the URL into the AppearanceTheme Options General Custom Cufón Font field.

The new font will appear within the AppearanceThemesCustomizeFont SettingsHeadings Font Family list.


Custom Google Fonts

Add upto two custom Google Fonts. Once the fields have been completed the new fonts will appear within the AppearanceThemesCustomizeFont SettingsHeadings Font Family. See the steps below for how to add extra fonts.


Add Google Font Step 1


Goto http://www.google.com/fonts/ → Choose the font you want to use → Click the "Quick-use" button ( see above ).


Add Google Font Step 2

  1. Copy the URL Name e.g. Noto+Sans
  2. Copy the CSS name e.g. Noto Sans


Add Google Font Step 3


Goto your WordPress admin → AppearanceTheme Options General TabGoogle Fonts

  1. Paste the URL Name e.g. Noto+Sans into the URL Name field
  2. Paste the CSS Name e.g. Noto Sans into the CSS Name field


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Flickr API

Add your Flickr details to enable the option to add Flickr Sets to your Galleries as a datasource. Once the details have been completed and saved the Gallery Data Source will display a Flickr option and display your Flickr Sets to choose from.

Flick User ID

You're required to enter your Flickr User ID e.g. XXXXXXXX@NO2. Use this tool to find your User ID

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This option allows you to select how many sidebars you wish to create. Default is Two. See Wordpress Admin→ Appearance → Widgets once you have entered the amount of sidebars you require.

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Pages Layout

Pages Layout

Select the default page layout for new pages.


Globally Enable / Disable Breadcrumbs. If you leave this enabled you can disable on individual pages.

Page Comments

Enable commenting on Pages.

Show Author Bio

Enable Author Bio information on Posts only, Posts & Pages or disable globally.

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