Add a Parallax Image / Color Background

This lesson gives you a guide to adding a parallax image / color to a row background.

Edit the Row


Ensure the Visual Composer is enabled and edit the row you wish to add the parallax background to.

Parallax Background Image

  1. Set the Add Background select menu to Custom Background
  2. Select a background image from your media library
  3. Enable Parallax if you wish to apply the parallax effect.
  4. Add a background color if required.
  5. Set a height, if required.

Other features also include Font color, Padding and Bottom margin.

Background Color

If you wish to have a custom background color, please follow the steps for Parallax Background Image, without choosing an image or parallax effect.

If you wish to inherit the element background ( set within the skin customizer ), set the Add Background to Inherit Element Background Color